Our Comparative Market Analysis

Can Help you sell your home

Price is the most important tool you have when selling a home

Price it Right!

1. You Can Attract More Buyers

 If your house is worth $500,000  you may want to list at $525,000 just in case you can get a higher offer. However, this strategy may lose you potential buyers because you are out of their price range. The more eyes come see your house the better the final offer will be. 

2. Your home will get more offers; sell faster and for a higher price!

Starting a bidding war can drive a final offer higher than asking price. This happens when people see a fairly priced home for sale! Research shows that the longer a home stays on the marker the lower its final selling price will be. 

3. You may lose out on money if you price your home too low. 

We can help you with this very important step. Please fill out the form below so you will receive your personalised Comparative Market Analysis. It will include details on properties that have closed sales, pending sales or are active on the market today.

A Comparative Market Analysis is an excellent way to get an expert opinion on the value of your home using comparables in your area. This service is free and takes only a few seconds to fill out the form.

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