Home Buyer, Beware of Scam Mail!

Did you just Close on your New Home and now you’re getting a ton of New Mail? 🏡📬⚠️

Here’s what you should know….🤔

There will be four different types of mail you’ll have coming to your new house.
The first type and the main reason why I made this video is….

lf the previous owner did not change their forwarding address then you should take the time to write “return to sender” on the mail.  That way, their correspondents will at least know it’s time to update their address books and you won’t keep receiving that person’s mail.

Moving along to the third type of mail piece and that is for legitimate Products and Services. When you buy a new home, security companies and lawn service companies for example know these things are top of mind in most cases.
You may or may not want to take advantage of these offers. That’s entirely up to you. I always say shop around for the best rate for the services you need.

If you’d like any recommendations for any of your home needs feel free to reach out to me. I have a list of five star rated companies from lawn service, security, to roofers, and lenders. You name it and I can help point you in the right direction.

Lastly, The fourth type of mail you should be receiving if you set it up in time is your personal mail. During the course of a move from one place to the next there’s so many things to keep track of. If would like to know all the steps you’ll need to take for a successful smooth move or know someones who’s about to transition to a new home then feel free to reach out for my home moving checklist.
I can send it to you right away!
It will simplify what needs to get done and put everything right in front of you.


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