How much are property taxes and how to save?

How much are property taxes going to be on Your home?

A good rule of thumb to use is 1.5 to 2% of what ever the total purchase price is. It’s usually better to lean more to the 2% side for budgeting purposes. The county and city you purchase in
will play a part in How much you end up paying in taxes for your home.
One thing not to do is go based off of what the previous owner paid in taxes. What You buy it for and what they bought it for may differ by thousands of dollars more or less. Which will cause the tax amount to vary.
I’m going to leave a link to a tax estimate calculator so you can get a good feel of what your taxes will be based on the price range of homes you’re considering. I’m also going to leave a link for tax exemption programs that could save you hundreds of dollars annually.
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How much will your taxes be and how to save links:
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